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What is the procalcitonin test for

seo: date:2022/11/21 13:29:00

        You should not know what procalcitonin test is for, right? The following small editor will give you a detailed explanation

        Procalcitonin detection refers to the detection of procalcitonin concentration in the blood circulation, which is a specific inflammatory marker of bacterial infection and is helpful for the early diagnosis of bacterial infectious diseases

        However, after major surgery, procalcitonin often increases temporarily, and then decreases gradually for 2 months. Non infectious factors that cause the increase of procalcitonin, as well as systemic diseases, such as hemophagocytic syndrome, adult Still disease, etc; There are also acute periods under specific conditions, such as multiple injuries, major surgery and severe burns, early acute pancreatitis, subacute thyroiditis, etc. In addition, it is also seen in patients with tumors and transplants

        When bacteria infect human body, it will cause corresponding clinical symptoms, and it may also cause abnormal indicators in blood examination, such as the increase of leukocyte count and neutrophil count in blood routine, the significant increase of C-reactive protein, and the obvious abnormality of erythrocyte sedimentation rate or other inflammatory reaction markers. Through these inflammatory reaction markers, it can be judged that patients may have bacterial infection, but the specificity is not particularly strong, and the virus infection can also be significantly increased. Clinical use of procalcitonin detection can be more specific to determine whether there is significant bacterial infection

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