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The significance of high total bile acid and what should be paid attention to

seo: date:2022/12/2 13:51:00

Today, I would like to talk about the significance of high total bile acid and what we should pay attention to.

Disease analysis: 1. The serum total bile acid (TBA) of normal people is 0~10 μ mol/L.

Significance of high total bile acid

1. The higher total bile acid indicates that liver cells are diseased and the content of bile acid in blood is increased. Bile acid in acute hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer increased significantly. In particular, the increase rate of total bile acid in liver cirrhosis and liver cancer was more than (95%), and more than 20% of alanine transaminase (ALT).

2. When the liver parenchyma is damaged, the synthesis of cholic acid by hepatocytes decreases, and the synthesis of chenodeoxycholic acid increases.

3. When liver parenchymal cells were injured, the ratio of CA/CDCA was less than 1.0.

4. The ratio of CA/CDCA was greater than 1.0 in obstructive jaundice.

5. Cholestasis of pregnancy syndrome, hepatic and intestinal circulation is damaged.

6. Total bile acid [1] is higher in acute and chronic viral hepatitis, bile stasis, chronic alcoholism, liver cirrhosis, primary liver cancer, biliary infarction, etc.

Suggestions: The diet with high total bile acid does not have too many precautions. Since bile acid is formed by cholesterol, the concentration of bile acid can be controlled by controlling the intake of cholesterol. The following foods can reduce total bile acid [3].

Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, lecithin and vitamin E, which can reduce serum cholesterol.

Kelp can reduce cholesterol in blood and bile

Soybean and soybean products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E

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