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What does high procalcitonin mean

seo: date:2023/1/5 13:28:00

       How is procalcitonin on the high side? Today, I will explain to you why procalcitonin is too high.

       If procalcitonin is too high, the cause may be severe bacterial, parasitic, fungal infection, sepsis, and multiple organ failure.

       Procalcitonin is generally a parameter for diagnosis and monitoring of bacterial inflammatory infection. There are many factors affecting the content of procalcitonin, including the size and type of the infected organ, the degree of inflammation, the type of bacteria and the immune response.

       Procalcitonin is a protein. When severe bacterial, fungal, parasitic infections, sepsis and multiple organ failure occur, its level in plasma will increase, while procalcitonin will not increase in autoimmune, allergic and viral infections. In addition, it will not increase due to local limited bacterial infections, and slight and chronic inflammation.

       Procalcitonin is an indicator of human inflammatory response, which can be used to distinguish bacterial and non bacterial infections and inflammation, and also to evaluate the progress and prognosis of severe inflammatory diseases, usually less than 0.5 ug/L.