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INS insulin test kit (latex enhanced immune turbidimetry)

INS insulin test kit (latex enhanced immune turbidimetry)


time:2022/11/24 16:15:07




Product Introduction

[INS] Insulin test kit (latex enhanced immune turbidimetry)

Methodology: latex enhanced immune turbidimetry

Dosage form: liquid double reagent

Storage: 2-8 ℃ dark storage

Registration certificate: ZXZZ 20,172,400,480

Clinical significance: insulin mainly acts on liver, muscle and adipose tissue, controlling the metabolism and storage of protein, sugar and fat. It can accelerate the utilization of glucose and inhibit the generation of glucose, increase the route of blood sugar and reduce the source, so as to reduce blood sugar

Intended use: This kit is used for quantitative determination of insulin content in human serum in vitro. It is mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis of type I diabetes, type II diabetes, pancreatitis, pancreatic trauma and other diseases

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Aikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.