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LAC lactic acid test kit (lactate oxidase method)

LAC lactic acid test kit (lactate oxidase method)


time:2022/11/24 16:16:39




Product Introduction

[LAC] Lactic acid test kit (lactate oxidase method)

Methodology: lactate oxidase method

Dosage form: liquid double reagent

Storage: 2-8 ℃, dark storage

Registration certificate: ZXZZ 20152401046

Clinical significance: lactic acid is produced in skeleton, muscle, brain and red blood cells. It is excreted by the kidney after being metabolized by the liver. The determination of blood lactate can reflect the state of tissue oxygen supply, metabolism and insufficient perfusion

Intended use: This kit is used to quantitatively determine the concentration of lactic acid in human plasma in vitro, and can assist in diagnosis of diabetes poisoning, liver disease and other diseases

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Aikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.