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LAP leucine aminopeptidase test kit (continuous monitoring method)

LAP leucine aminopeptidase test kit (continuous monitoring method)


time:2022/11/24 16:07:41




Product Introduction

[LAP] Leucine aminopeptidase test kit (continuous monitoring method)

Methodology: continuous monitoring method

Dosage form: liquid double reagent

storage: 2-8 ℃, dark storage

Registration certificate: ZXZZ 20162400754

Clinical significance: Leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) is a proteolytic enzyme that can hydrolyze the N-terminal of peptide chain and form peptide bonds from leucine and other amino acids. It is widely distributed in liver, pancreas, kidney and other tissues. When these tissues are diseased, the level of LAP in serum can rise

Intended use: This kit is used for quantitative determination of leucine aminopeptidase activity in human serum in vitro. It is mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis of liver and gallbladder diseases

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Aikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.