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Storage precautions for B-factor assay kit

seo: date:2024/1/16 14:56:00

The precautions for storing the B-factor assay kit are as follows:

1. Avoid direct sunlight: Storing in an environment with direct sunlight may cause the reagent kit to fail. Therefore, please store the reagent kit in a dark place.

2. Temperature: Different reagent kits may have different storage temperature requirements, stored in a low-temperature refrigerator at -20 ℃ -70 ℃.

3. Humidity: Excessive humidity may cause mold to form on the sealing or straw of the reagent kit, so it is recommended to store the reagent kit in a dry place.

4. Avoid contamination: Before using the reagent kit, please ensure that it is not contaminated. If the packaging of the reagent kit is found to be damaged or loose, do not use it.

5. Timely use: Please use the reagent kit within its validity period to avoid expiration. For reagents that have been stored for a long time, please ensure that they are stored in a dry, dark, and suitable temperature place.

6. Special treatment: B-factor assay kits (immunoassay turbidity assay) and other kits with special treatment requirements need to be strictly operated according to the requirements when processing samples to ensure the accuracy of the samples.

7. Avoid heat inactivation: The B-factor assay kit (immunoassay turbidimetry) should be noted to avoid the influence of complement components in heat inactivated serum on the detection results.

8. Storage method: The packaging specifications of the B-factor assay kit (immunoassay turbidity method) include R1:2 × 60mL, R2:1 × 24mL, R1:3 × 40mL, R2:1 × 24mL, please choose the appropriate storage method according to different specifications.