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Calcitonin assay effect

seo: date:2023/10/24 9:56:00

Procalcitonin is a protein that is extremely low in the human body, but can increase in situations such as infection, inflammation, or sepsis. Therefore, measuring procalcitonin levels can help diagnose and monitor these diseases.

First, procalcitonin can be used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. During bacterial infection, the level of procalcitonin will significantly increase, while during viral infection, it will not. Therefore, by measuring the level of procalcitonin, we can determine whether the patient has bacterial infectious diseases. In addition, procalcitonin determination can also be used to monitor the severity of infectious diseases, help doctors judge whether to use antibiotics and select appropriate types of antibiotics.

Secondly, procalcitonin assay can also be used for monitoring sepsis. Sepsis refers to the invasion of purulent bacteria into the bloodstream, where they multiply in large quantities and spread to other tissues or organs in the host body through the bloodstream, resulting in new purulent inflammation. When sepsis occurs, procalcitonin levels also increase. Therefore, measuring procalcitonin levels can monitor the occurrence and development of sepsis, helping doctors adjust treatment plans in a timely manner.

In addition, procalcitonin assay can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment. If the patient's procalcitonin level gradually decreases after using antibiotics, it indicates that the treatment is effective; If the level of procalcitonin continues to increase or does not decrease, it indicates the need to change the type of antibiotic or adjust the treatment plan.

In conclusion, procalcitonin determination is of great significance in the diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of treatment effects of infectious diseases, sepsis and other diseases. By understanding the relevant knowledge of the role of procalcitonin measurement, we can better understand our physical condition and make correct medical decisions.