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Normal value of Calcitonin test

seo: date:2023/6/29 13:28:00

       The level of Calcitonin in plasma is also a reflection of health status, so how to detect the normal value of Calcitonin.

       The normal value of pro Calcitonin is mainly determined by immunoassay. If colloidal gold colorimetry is used, the normal value is less than 0.5ng/mL. If immunohistochemical detection is used, the low value should be less than 0.1pg/mL, and if radioimmunoassay is used, the sensitivity of the detection can reach 4pg/mL. The level of Calcitonin is affected by many different factors, including the size and type of infected organs and the type of bacteria. Neglected, the degree of infection and inflammation and the state of immune response will also affect the level of pro Calcitonin.

       Calcitonin is a protein. When severe infections, fungi or parasites, and multiple organ failure such as sepsis occur, plasma levels will increase. Autoimmunity or virus infection, procalcitonin will not increase, and local infection, mild infection or chronic inflammation will not lead to an increase, so it is very helpful for clinical diagnosis and infection.

       Do not eat too greasy and high protein foods the day before blood sampling, and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. The alcohol content in the blood directly affects the test results. If you need to fast for 12 hours before taking blood, take fresh blood for testing.

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