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Determination and balance method of urea nitrogen

seo: date:2023/3/29 14:48:00

       Many people have symptoms of excessive urea nitrogen levels, but they are not aware of this, so they miss the best treatment time.

       "We must understand the methods for measuring urea nitrogen to be effective and make accurate judgments about our bodies. Many people may not have a clear understanding of the balance method for measuring urea nitrogen. Let's take a look at the balance method for measuring urea nitrogen.".

       The measured value of urea nitrogen can vary depending on the content of the diet. One of the reasons for high urea nitrogen is excessive protein intake. For patients with kidney disease, there are two conditions of high blood urea nitrogen, the most common being renal insufficiency, including acute renal insufficiency and chronic renal insufficiency, mainly due to renal function damage, where urea nitrogen cannot be better discharged from the urine; Secondly, a small number of patients with acute nephritis and nephrotic syndrome can also experience a transient increase in blood urea nitrogen, mainly seen in high levels of edema. Due to oliguria, urea nitrogen in the blood cannot be excreted with urine, and long-term accumulation in the blood leads to a high level of urea nitrogen.

       Urea nitrogen is the ultimate product of protein metabolism. Pay attention to a light diet and avoid excessive intake of protein rich foods, including dairy, livestock, poultry, fish, and shrimp, as well as soy products. Also, drink more water, which can reduce blood urea nitrogen.

       Adopt the principle of "combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, and combination of causal treatment and holistic treatment", and determine the etiology and mechanism of various kidney diseases through precise detection methods of modern medicine, so as to scientifically classify, classify, and stage them. According to the etiology, classification, classification, and staging results, following the treatment philosophy of "tonifying the kidney, dredging the kidney, strengthening the kidney, and restoring the kidney", scientifically differentiating symptoms and signs, using different treatment methods such as "self blood immune tonifying the kidney therapy", "receiving branch immune tonifying the kidney therapy", "multi target nourishing the yuan, strengthening the kidney therapy", and "biological immune restoring the kidney therapy" to alternately and orderly treat, eliminate the inflammatory reaction between the body and the kidney, repair damaged kidney cells, and restore and reconstruct their functions, To correct the imbalance of immune, humoral, and endocrine disorders in the body, completely restore the internal environment and immune function of the body, activate the reconstituted renal function, and achieve the effect of curing kidney disease. The above is what experts in the hospital have said about the "causes of high urea levels". Experts say that high urea levels are very harmful to people's health, and people must choose to pay attention to them. There are many reasons for high urea levels, and patients should promptly go to a regular hospital for professional examination and symptomatic treatment to ensure that their bodies recover as soon as possible.

       If we are afraid that our urea nitrogen is too high, we can use the above urea nitrogen measurement and balance methods, which have been summarized by experts and scholars. These are good methods that can quickly restore our bodies to normal health and lead a healthy and happy life. I hope they can be of some help to everyone.