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What to check for serum cystatin c

seo: date:2023/1/12 16:24:00

       You should not know about serum cystatin C. Today, the editor will explain to you what serum cystatin C is for.

       The examination of serum cystatin C is mainly about the renal function of the patient. If there is early impairment of renal function, the level of cystatin C will rise, and precede the rise of serum creatinine. Serum cystatin C is secreted by nuclear cells and the secretion of nuclear cells is balanced, so the secretion of serum cystatin C is balanced after birth. The level of serum cystatin C is mainly determined by the glomerular filtration rate. If the glomerular filtration rate is poor, the level of serum cystatin C will increase.

       At this time, we mainly look at the level of cystatin C, which depends on whether the patient has renal function decline. If there is early decline in renal function, serum cystatin C will first appear, and the performance is prior to blood creatinine, urea nitrogen and other indicators. The only bad thing is that the observation window of serum cystatin C is relatively narrow, so it can not accurately reflect the extent of the deterioration of the patient's renal function, and it should be combined with blood creatinine to comprehensively judge the patient.

       The above content is about what serum cystatin C is used to check. If you want to know more about it, please continue to pay attention to our website!


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