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Clinical significance of myoglobin test

seo: date:2022/12/26 15:44:00

       Know the secrets of our bodies and be responsible for our health. Today, I want to explain the clinical significance of myoglobin examination.

       Other related items are creatine kinase, cardiac troponin I, and creatine kinase MB isoenzyme. The specimen requires venous blood sampling to avoid hemolysis. The main use is for myoglobin to evaluate any cause of muscle injury. The myoglobin in urine is used to diagnose any cause of disease, indicating acute renal failure.

       Myoglobin levels, which increase slightly with age, are a marker of skeletal muscle and early myocardial damage, elevated at 1: 5 h after myocardial infarction but returned to normal within one or two days.

       At present, myoglobin is also caused by the damage of skeletal muscle system, so its detection is mainly used for the diagnosis of early myocardial infarction.

       The above content is the clinical significance of myoglobin test, want to know more small knowledge, please continue to pay attention to our website!