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Introduction to basic details of kit

seo: date:2022/12/14 15:09:00

       The kit is a container used for testing chemical components, drug residues, virus types and other chemicals. They are basically used in hospitals and pharmaceutical enterprises.

       Example of kit use:

       The kit is created to enable laboratory personnel to get rid of the heavy reagent preparation and optimization process. Therefore, the kit is generally equipped with corresponding instructions. Users can obtain satisfactory results with only a small amount of optimization according to the instructions.

       The instructions generally include company logo and name, kit name, kit composition, shelf life, field of use, method of use and other items:

       ① Generally, the name and logo of the company are in the header and footer;

       ② Next is the name of the kit;

       ③ The composition of the kit shall include all the contents in the kit. For simplicity, it is generally presented in the form of a table;

       ④ The operation procedure is the most important part of the instruction manual of the kit. The content should be accurate, concise, and easy to understand. It should not contain ambiguous sentences, and should not be vague. The complex process should be broken down during typesetting so that the reader can understand it at a glance.