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What is homocysteine? How to determine

seo: date:2022/12/9 16:05:00

       Today's editor will explain what homocysteine is and how to measure it.

       Homocysteine is an intermediate product of methionine metabolism, which is synthesized by the liver. It involves methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and cystine β Synthase, methionine synthase and other metabolic regulating enzymes as well as various cofactors, such as folic acid, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, etc. Homocysteine is one of the independent risk factors of atherosclerosis and thrombotic disease. Hypertensive patients with elevated homocysteine are called type h hypertension.

       Two methods are generally used to detect homocysteine. The first method is high pressure liquid phase method. The detection principle is fluorescence method or electrochemical method. The reference value is 5~15umol/l. The second method is called enzyme labeling method. The concentration of homocysteine was calculated indirectly by detecting s-adenosine homocysteine. The normal reference value is (9.67+- 3) umol/l.

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