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What does glycocholic acid detect? What are the implications of these indicators

seo: date:2022/12/9 16:02:00

       What is glycocholic acid detected and what is the meaning of each indicator? Today, I will explain it to you.

       Chologlycerol acid (CG) is an index commonly used in the detection of liver function. Cholecylglycerol is mainly synthesized in the liver. If there is a disease that causes liver cell damage, the concentration of cholic acid in the blood will increase.

       Therefore, it can reflect whether the liver function is normal by detecting the content of glycocholic acid in the blood. The normal value is ≤ 2.98mg/L for general population and ≤ 10mg/L for pregnant women. Chologlycerate can reflect the function of liver cells and bile excretion function, and play a role in judging the health of pregnancy.

       Glycocholic acid belongs to synthetic cholic acid, which is formed by the combination of cholic acid and glycine. If the ability of the liver to absorb glycocholic acid decreases, or the liver is unable to excrete glycocholic acid, as well as the intrahepatic bile stasis can cause the level of glycocholic acid in the serum to increase, so it can not only reflect the liver cell function, but also reflect the bile excretion function, such as alcoholic liver disease, primary liver cancer, autoimmune liver disease, acute and chronic hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cirrhosis, bile duct cancer and other diseases, Can cause the serum glycocholic acid value to increase.

       Glycerocholic acid is also an important indicator of cholestasis during pregnancy. The higher the value, the greater the impact on the pregnant woman and fetus, which can lead to premature delivery, intrauterine distress, amniotic fluid pollution, etc. Therefore, it must be paid attention to by patients.

       Further examination is required for the increase of glycocholic acid to determine the cause of the increase of glycocholic acid, and corresponding measures shall be taken according to the original incidence to reduce the value of glycocholic acid, otherwise serious side effects will occur.

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