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What is the meaning of serum total bile acid determination

seo: date:2022/10/25 14:56:00

        Many people don't know what the determination of serum total bile acid means. Now let's let Xiao Bian take you to know

        The determination of serum total bile acid is an indicator that can detect the metabolism of cholesterol in the human liver, and also can detect whether the liver function is within the normal indicators

        Cholesterol is mainly metabolized in the liver. Eating a high-fat and high metabolic diet for a long time can lead to the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides in the serum and increase the burden on the liver, which will lead to the increase of total bile acid value in the serum, thus reflecting liver function problems. However, serum total bile acid is only an indicator of liver function, and it also needs to be combined with transaminase, bilirubin, albumin and globulin indicators for comprehensive judgment. The increase of bile acid does not necessarily mean abnormal or restricted liver function

        In addition, pregnant women may have abnormal bile acid metabolism due to pregnancy, but in most cases, the total bile acid can be restored to normal level through food conditioning

        If the total bile acid in serum is always abnormal, seek medical advice in time and adjust drugs to keep the total bile acid value within the normal range

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