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Aikang Biotech and You Meet in Nanchang 2022CACLP for the Grand Meeting

seo: date:2022/10/27 14:00:00

        Aikang Biotech will meet you in Nanchang 2022CACLP for the grand event

        The exhibition is still in full swing, and Aikang Bio is looking forward to your presence here! The booth of Aikang is located in B4-3209. On the first day of the exhibition, it attracted many insiders to visit and became interested in various in vitro diagnostic reagents of our company

        The 19th China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument Reagent Expo (CACLP) and the 2nd China International IVD Upstream Raw Material Manufacturing and Circulation Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) were held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center from October 26 to 28, 2022

        CACLP is an influential and gathering professional exhibition in the field of in vitro diagnosis. The products include: all products in the fields of body fluid, biochemistry, immunity, molecule and nucleic acid, microorganism, POCT, upstream raw materials, etc

        Booth: B4-3209

      Time: October 26 - October 28

      We are waiting for your presence

        Zhejiang Aikang Bio is willing to work together with you, hand in hand, and strive for the health cause of all mankind