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Precautions for using glucose assay kits

seo: date:2024/3/1 9:47:00

Before using the glucose assay kit, please carefully read the instructions on the kit, including detailed steps for sample collection and processing, and precautions such as avoiding the selection of anticoagulants and the stability of sample types.

2. When using, please follow the instructions to mix all reagents in the reagent kit according to the specified ratio and ensure thorough mixing.

3. During use, please ensure that the operating environment is clean and avoid sample contamination and cross contamination to avoid affecting the measurement results.

4. Pay attention to measurement methods, such as glucose oxidase method and electrode method, which require colorimetry at 500nm or 340nm respectively or use in combination with an oxygen electrode.

5. For the review of abnormal results, the reaction curve can be viewed, which is the best basis for recording whether a complete reaction process progresses smoothly.

6. The reagent kit should be used within its validity period and should not be used again after expiration.

7. When testing urine or blood samples, it should be noted that urine cannot directly measure glucose content, and blood samples need to be separated from blood cells in a timely manner. Severe jaundice and hypertriglyceridemia can affect the test results.

8. Pay attention to the storage conditions of the sample. Unopened reagents should be stored at 2-8 ℃ and stabilized until their expiration date; The opened reagent can be stable for one month in a dark place (2-8 ℃), stored in a dark place, and immediately sealed after use.

9. Do not use the reagent kit for other purposes to avoid accidental injury or contamination.

10. If you encounter any unresolved problems or require further assistance, please contact the supplier or relevant professionals for assistance.