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NAG N-acetyl- β- D-glucosaminidase test kit (MPT substrate method)

NAG N-acetyl- β- D-glucosaminidase test kit (MPT substrate method)


time:2022/11/24 16:09:54




Product Introduction

[NAG] N-acetyl- β- D-glucosaminidase assay kit (MPT substrate method)

Methodology: MPT substrate method

Dosage form: liquid double reagent

storage: 2-8 ℃, dark storage

Registration certificate: ZXZZ 20,162,400,751

Clinical significance: NAG is an intracellular lysosomal enzyme, with the highest content in the proximal convoluted tubule of the kidney. The changes of urine and serum NAG activity are closely related to some pathological conditions of the body

Intended use: This kit is used for quantitative determination of N-acetyl in human urine in vitro- β- D-glucosaminidase (NAG) activity. It is mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis of renal tubular damage

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Aikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.