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What is the total bile acid test item

seo: date:2023/5/20 16:24:00

       In this era, everyone is very concerned about their own health, but do you know what the total bile acid test is? Today, the editor will explain it to everyone.

       Bile acid is a type of liver function test, mainly used to determine whether there is a problem with one's own liver, and to determine one's liver indicators by examining the total bile acid.

       1. The types of liver diseases that can be detected through total bile acid examination

       Acute/chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease, toxic liver disease, cholestasis, etc., but whether the disease can be determined depends on the results of other liver function tests. Generally, liver and gallbladder ultrasound, liver and gallbladder CT or magnetic resonance imaging are also required.

       2. Causes and improvement methods of high total bile acid

       (1) Physiological reasons

       Irregular dietary habits may cause high total bile acids; At the same time, the pregnancy response of pregnant women may also cause liver dysfunction, leading to a higher total bile acid.

       (2) Pathological reasons

       High total bile acids may also be caused by liver function diseases, requiring patients to undergo comprehensive examinations and corresponding examinations and treatments based on the doctor's diagnosis. By receiving scientific treatment, it is generally possible to return to normal.

       (3) Improvement methods

       ① Exercise more

       Regular participation in physical exercise can improve the body's metabolism, improve the production and metabolic process of bile acids, and make them more stable.

       ② Pay attention to daily routines

       For people who often stay up late, they should break the habit of staying up late, which is harmful to the liver. By improving their daily routine, the total bile acid value can also stabilize.

       ③ Improving diet

       Usually, one should eat more light food, vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to a reasonable diet and nutrition to maintain a balanced nutrition.

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