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Beware of buying antigen detection kit scam

seo: date:2023/1/27 3:00:00

       Recently, people bought antigen detection reagents at home, and COVID-19 antigen detection reagents became "popular online", but it was difficult to buy them through traditional ways, which led some criminals to use Tiktok, Kwai and other platforms to carry out "false" propaganda and add WeChat friends to those who wanted to sell them online. After collecting money, they blackmailed the victims and carried out fraud.

       False sales of epidemic spare parts

       The fraudsters released information about the sale of "COVID-19 Antigen Test Paper" and "Special Anti fever Drugs" on WeChat group, friends circle, Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other self media platforms. When the victim contacted with the "merchant", the other party would request to add WeChat, Alipay and other private transfers, scan the code and trade, and when the money was obtained, the victim would be blackmailed or provide a false order number to continue to cheat.

       The safety of drugs and various medical devices is related to the safety and health of the public! Individuals or business entities are not allowed to sell all kinds of drugs and antigen detection reagents without business qualification! Antigen detection reagents, epidemic related drugs, etc., are not recommended to be stockpiled in large quantities. If there is a real need to purchase, identify regular pharmacies and regular platforms to avoid being cheated.

       Express was rejected/detained/tested positive due to epidemic

       The fraudster phoned you as "express customer service" and lied that your express had detected COVID-19 positive and had been destroyed; Or claim that the express is delayed or rejected due to the impact of the epidemic, but can apply for compensation. After you add a "customer service" friend, the swindler sends you a false "official website" and induces you to fill in personal payment information to defraud your funds.

       Some fraudsters will also guide the victims to get "petty cash", or falsely claim that it is the compensation provided by the other party on the grounds of insufficient payment credit, unclosed claim settlement channels, and unable to reach the account. In fact, the "petty cash" is our own loan limit on the financial platform, which has nothing to do with the merchant's compensation. It will induce you to make a loan, transfer the money to the fraudster's account, and defraud the money.

       Internal channel "fast nucleic acid"!

       The fraudsters pretended to be "epidemic prevention and control staff" and lied that they could detect nucleic acids quickly. Their scripts generally include "quick nucleic acid test results", "nucleic acid can be done at home", "the fastest half an hour", and so on. Many people will buy so-called nucleic acid test reports from cheaters due to work or life needs, and then fall into the telecommunications fraud trap.

       Influenced by the epidemic situation, the air ticket/ticket refund and endorsement

       Affected by the epidemic, some people's travel plans have been put on hold, resulting in a lot of demand for ticket change or refund. The fraudsters took the opportunity to send short messages containing links to change or refund tickets or compensation contact numbers to trick the victims to click. Then guide the victim to fill in personal information such as name, ID card, bank card and verification code in the link to steal funds.

       Vaccination return visit, joining the group and making money part-time

       The fraudsters bought accounts in bulk through e-commerce, disguised as "vaccination census investigators" or "return visitors", added friends in the name of community workers, and then pulled the victims into group chat.

       The group claimed that "you can make money online at home during the epidemic", and then released illegal information such as swiping and gambling, and defrauded money by refusing to return commission for a single multi-task, and failing to withdraw cash due to insufficient running water.

       Warm tips: Don't buy drugs and antigen reagents on WeChat or other informal network platforms. Please be careful not to be cheated! If cheated, call 110 immediately.